About Pune City

Pune is well known as Punawadi or Punya-nagri or Poona, which is the 8th largest city in India along with, having second (2nd) largest city or district in Maharashtra state, after Mumbai. It is also known as Deccan Queen, also called Dakhkhanchee Raanee in Marathi.

This city is situated on Mula-Mutha rivers having 560 metres above sea level. It is well known as to have history of great empire, Shivaji Raje (founder of the Maratha Empire) who lived in pune as a boy.

Today, Pune is known as educational home and industrial area along with cultural activities such as classical music, economy, sports, social science studies, literature, foreign language learning etc. There are the famous Religious Places and historical places in pune. You can also check place to visit in pune city.