Double Bonanza Contest in PuneSpider for Active Members - October 2009

Diwali - (Double) Bonanza in PuneSpider:-

First Contest for Active members (October'09 month)

Dear members,

Welcome to!!

We always respect our members and hence we encourage them to do a good work to get high benefits from their contribution.

Here's an announcement of Firstever exciting Contest/Programs from PuneSpider team!

A good chance for all registered members to win fabulous cash awards in PuneSpider.

* Award Name:- Best performers of the Month (Top Three Contributors)

  • 1st Prize: - 1111 revenue points + Cash Award of Rs 1111/-
  • 2nd. Prize: - 851 revenue points + Cash award of Rs 851/-
  • 3rd Prize: - 501 Revenue points + Cash award of Rs. 501/-

* Award Name: - Consolation Prizes:- (Top 20)

Consolation Prize will rewarded to Top 10 (for 4th to 10th place), worth Rs. 250 + 250 revenue points. Next Top performers (from 11 to 20 position) will be rewarded Rs. 100 each + 100 points.

* There will be another special/surprise gift for Top Three Diamond members

Double Bonanza in the sense, members will get 90% Google Adsense Revenue from their contribution for complete oness year.

Dear members, be ready for the contest and lets celebrate Diwali with PuneSpider team together.

Bonanza in PuneSpider Contest Rules & Conditions :-

1] A member must contribute good, self written articles and tidy resources.

2] To get eligible for Award Contest, a member must have to submit min 5 Self Written Resource on any topic related to Pune City or Surroundings areas.

3] If any member's 10 or more Resources will be rejected due to a reason of COPIED, he will not be eligible for contest. (Admissions, Result & University related news resources are exception)

4] Members can post in Business section where they can post School, Colleges, Hospitals hotels, Cinema Halls and all others. Members must have to submit appropriate information and little self written review about it. We can also give cash credit for good & informative posts of Business.

5]. Eligibility for Performers of the Month award: A milestone of 3000 points must have to cross to get eligible for this award.

6] There will be another Surprise gift for first Three Diamond members. We will give exciting bonus award for Top three Diamond member of the PuneSpider.

Kindly Read Guidelines for every section before you start.