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    Need to Improve

    dear admin,

    Punespider needs to improve in Many section.

    site never breaks the code and shows sys. error msg or exit from the page.

    Needs to Auto-update after Every click
    for like points,cashcredits ..........etc.

    plz. review every section & Upgrade it as Professional.

    because its not only a Testing of "Programing Knowledge" of the Programmer .

    Hope you do need full as early as possible.

    With Best regards,

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    Hello Pankaj,

    Can you show us in which section you got an error ? We would be happy to know the suggestion from our members.

    Regarding Points and Cash Calculations, your this data will be refresh in next login attempt towards the site.

    Thank you.

    With Regards,
    - Mahesh
    Webmaster -

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    Mahesh ji,
    Thnks for your answer.

    here is some areas where i think can be improve.
    it would be updated immediately after the Click.
    Points and Cash Calculations, your this data will be refresh in next login.

    Video section :
    to upload video it needs only an embedded code.
    its better only if someone upload from youtube or any other website even if they permitted to use there link.

    another is more useful when
    it ask for the location. simply by Browse button.
    it may be uploaded from his computer.

    Community :
    community needs a photo.
    it valid only for the jpg or gif format.
    you know there are several types of image formats. it can accept all those.

    Image needs fixed width else rejected.
    instead it
    it can accept full size of image from user and if image above limit
    ask user 2 options that
    1> Auto fit : Which system automatically re-size the image to fit.
    2> Crop image: it ask user to crop his image for best fit.

    Picture Upload :
    there is only one picture one time you select & upload.
    instead it
    can be select multiple images & upload it at a time.
    & after system can prompt for Re Naming to the images.

    add freinds or buddy.
    how do i add my self as my freind ?
    system prompts the below msg.
    Add pankaj As Your Friend
    here, something wrong.
    i found myself in my Friends list.

    VERY IMPORTANT THING : your web page
    it should be attractive & well Designed(talking about theme)

    no need to scroll mouse tooooooooooo down.
    doesn't mater instead it create a LINK Labels for grouping the info.
    for example at the right side there is a Huge List of Areas. simple crate group by Area & display a link on the screen for all areas.

    mahesh ji, i rally want to improve the punespider hence i reported some points which i noticed. hence don't misunderstand.

    hope you understand & improve it.
    if you need my help plz. tell me.
    Thnaks With Best Regards,

    Panakj Upkare.
    Enjoy the God Gift of Life

    Thanks with Best Regards,

    -Pankaj Upkare

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