Beauty with Energy - Inner Beauty retreat in Pune

Have you ever imagined about a way to achieve permantent beauty without touching a single chemical? Energy can give you this and we can train you in such energies. Be slim and look bright. Beauty comes from your heart and we will teach you the way to invoke this secret through ancient Siddhar wisdom.

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8th & 9th May 2010, Pune, India

We will remove negative energies that block the flow of light through you. Then fill your energy body with the light of divine inner beauty.

This Master Practitioner Programme will equip the student with the full capability on how to invoke and to do therapy to achieve inner beauty. The Master Practitioner Course will cover all the following aspects, with its foundations based on the siddhar tradition. You will qualify as an Inner Beauty Master Practitioner and register with Auradefence International. This is a new concept and fast gaining acceptance internationally... it opens a a completely new business and career opportunity - both local and overseas.

This is a unique beauty therapy based on ancient Siddhar wisdom using the power of mantra and Diksha to manifest amazing physical results. You can use this therapy in conjunction with other therapies.

Module Content

In-depth understanding of all the elements that control and manage the body system.
Understanding the chakras as well as how to balance these. Specific diksha will be given for this.
A daily routine exercise - simple but highly effective.
Special yoga nidra for physiological sense.
How to do Aura surgery..a unique method of cleansing and creating the desired aura
Bio-Inner Beauty activation..a revolutionary process where an inner aura will be created which will glow like the sun.
Guasa Massage Techniques, This is an overall health and curative massage
Inner Beauty Facial massage with secret mantra and Diksha
Special Pushpam bath
Activation of cell regeneration and anti- ageing process…you will be amazed at the instantaneous aura results which can be achieved and observed through this ancient secret method.
Not only do you need beauty, health and also need to know how to protect it. A special teaching and activation will be given where you will be protected from physical harm.
Inner Beauty oil made according to ancient Siddhar formula, containing sacred herbs, pure gold infusion and energized by a living guru in the Siddhar tradition (sample will be Given during course)
"Prema Therapy" to resolve all relationship issues – this powerful therapy can be applied to resolve your clients' relationship problems as well

You will be able to use all the above techniques for yourself and become an attractive personality with lots of confidence.

As a Therapist, you can do the following on others:

Do massage with energy on others for healing and also therapeutic effect
Change the aura to become attractive.
Teach the Inner Beauty exercise for staying healthy and slim… a simple yoga based exercise.
Prema Therapy - to solve relationship issues
Five different types of energy, complete with transformational power, for application through Inner Beauty therapy and use in healing, beauty and energetic protection.
Course fee : 8000 INR
Duration - 2 days (8th & 9th May 2010, Pune, India)
Course fee includes:
Lunch and 2 tea breaks
A/C hall and related retreat facilities
Course materials
Accommodation is not included
Venue : Hotel Orbette, 1238 \ 2 Apte Road, Deccan Gymkhana, Pune.
For details, contact :
Miss. Ratan Desai (+91 98609326666) -
Mr. Abhinandan Desai (+91 9960832666) -
Mr. Ragesh ( +91 9962515445) -