Training on Aayam Energy in Pune (09 May 2010)

Inner Power

Have you ever thought about a way to slow down your aging process? Aayam energy and Shakti Payirchi gives you this. The retreat also gives you rare powers like protection from physical and energetic attacks. Effects of this retreat are visible instantaneously and surprise is guaranteed.

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Aayam is an ancient metaphysical energy that is known only to a handful spiritual master's of the world. Aayam energy is naturally present in everbody, stored in an Aayam core . It is released from its store during an activation process known only to a few. masters This released Aayam energy creates a shield around the person who has received this secret activation and protects them from all harm. In the past, this mystical energy was widely used by spiritual masters to protect them from all kinds of physical and metaphysical harms of the ancient world.

Aayam represents the metaphysical Iron in the human energetic structure. It has protective, rejuvenative (kayakalpa), magnetic and healing properties. The immense power of this Aayam can be exploited for total body, mind and spirit rejuvenation as well as self defense.

Protective Effects of Aayam

AuraDefence's Inner Power system uses the Aayam Shield formed by the Aayam energy for protection. This energy based protective shield guards you 24/ 7 and protects you from various emotionally charged attacks whether they are physical, mental or metaphysical. This Aayam energy has many miraculous properties that can be manifested at the physical and energetic level in the form of a shield. Once activated, this Aayam shield, forms a protective energy shield around you and is continously replenished till you live. The intensity of protection and ability to use this energy for self defence depends on the amount of practice one puts in.

Aayam energy has been documented to have intense skin protective effects. This is directly observed by each Inner Power initiate, after his/her Aayam activation, as an increased resistance of their skin towards needle pricks. Advanced practitioners can take blows from sharp swords without their skin being cut. This physical manifestation is just an evidence of the intense effect this shield has on ones body. Sri. Pranasiddhar's, very advanced students have demonstarted their abilities of being completely protected from a gun shot using Aayam shield (Auardefence, however do not recommend such tests of strength).

Adept practitioners of Aayam have recorded that their Aayam shield has protected them from poison, in several incidents where the vessel in which the posion was given, mystically shattered when it enetered their Aayam shield. Apart from this, it has been noted that, in olden days when these adepts travelled in jungles, this energy protected them from, attacking wild animals and thieves.

Healing with Aayam

Aayam Energy has been documented to have profound healing properties. The energy works by intend and can flow through your palms or merely by intend alone. Eventhough the energy can be used in general healing, there are certain specialised uses for this energy.

Aayam energy has been successfully used to heal or drastically reduce diseases due to consumption of poisons and envenomation by reptiles. It has been effectively used to reduce the effect of the poison on the system and has saved many lives till medical help reached.

Aayam energy has been demonstrated to have immuno-modulating and immnue boosting properties and hence been attributed to the increased fitness and disease free status of an Inner Power student. Our students have experienced resistance to common cold, flu and basically all contagious diseases. It also has a central nervous system rejuvenating function

Aayam energy has potentials to increase the blood circulation and hence distribution of prana or Chi all over the body. It also works on the soft tissues and connective tissues of the body and has profound healing and protective effect on the skin. Many acute and chronic diseases of the skin can be cured using this special energy. It also protects you from UV induced skin damage.

The Rejuvanating Effect

Kayakalpa is an ancient branch of rejuvenative medicine in the Siddha system of medicine. It is sometimes difficult to translate into english, the exact meaning of what the Siddha's meant by the word Kayakalpa. Kaya in one word means body, but in practice it refers to the persons body, mind and spirit together; and kalpa in one word would mean rejuvenation, but in practice means to rejuvenate, sustain and preserve. When read together, the concept of, Kayakalpa is to rejuvenate, sustain and preserve your being equivalent to an optimally healthy state attainable by a human. It is documented that the ancient Siddha's were adept in this system and could live upto several thousands of yearsby using their kayakalpa techniques.The Siddha's have documented many medicinal and energy based practices in achieving the Kayakalpa, Aayam is one of those energies that has direct Kayakalpa effect on the human body.

In Inner Power, the Aayam energy apart from providing protection to the person , has some Kayakalpa benefits as described above. To be precise it protects the you from all harm whether it is physical or metaphysical and thus sustains and preserves the body, mind and spirit. Aayam energy once activated, works within you to cure all damaging effects, your environment, society and lifetsyle, has on your body mind and spirit and slowly restores you to normal health. Thus Aayam has rejuvenative properties.

The most noted observation by our Inner Power students are that, their skin becomes fresh, glowing and tight. Our elder age students report their wrinkles slowly reducing and muscles and tissues becoming more and more toned and firm. Almost everybody has observed and reported their aging process being slowed down within a few months of practice.