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    Lets make punespider clean and successful site

    Hi All,

    This is not in my right to enforce you to do things. Let this divert to webmaster to do this. So what i am talking about.

    One day i opened punespider site and was looking films images. But suddenly i was the warning of blocked webpage ( company policy) what happened? i was shocked to see the site like punespider , how come anything is blocked. Well it never happened with me before in ISC or in PS. Anyways i came to know that that in posting the web URL contains the word "SEXY". We all know that all we posting is for people and for us to and we do not want to get to know that our site is getting spam day by day.

    This process is sure but friends there are lots of site daily which gets blacklisted and their existence will remain only by name.

    My intention is to make sure we keep our site clean like to can access from anywhere.

    Even i am against the posting of films related images(As some companies blocked films wallpaper related sites) but somehow in my mind too it keeps forcing to upload the genuine images. So i post clean images and used to remain away from postings like this.

    Hope this will help to think more about our site(Saying our as it gives you earning), so keep clean and keep posting.
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    Hi Avi,

    I definetly agree with you. first of all thank you for this valuable suggesion. All the members should keep in mind that we are here to improve the level of the site and not to get it down. We have to follow some rules strictly. I am requesting all the members to think twice before posting any content and images, wether it is good for posting on our site or not.
    One more thing that i wwant to tell is don't you think that posting movie images is for attracting the visitors. If you are psoting good movie images the don't think that there is any issue with that. Obviusly this is my openion so it's not nessesory that you also have to agree with that. But the truth is that when we post any image, just the intention behind that is to attract the traffic towords site.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Prakash Landge.

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    That is members choice - what to post or what not. But we will not allow the contents, images which are against our policy.

    Friends, lets make a good work. We need few active members in

    What do you think - if will have Pune IPL 2011 related articles and contents?

    Lets focus on following topics:

    Pune Education - Admission/Results/
    IPL Pune 2011
    Pune Business
    Pune Events

    Any suggestions?

    With Regards,
    - Mahesh
    Webmaster -

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    Hi All,

    My intention was to make you all aware about what could happen in future if we don't take precaution now. Certainly webmaster and editors will think on this and make some changes in policies to prevent our site from blocking.

    I am software engineer and we all know that mostly software field people used to remain online on internet most of the time, if our site gets block due to some reason then they will think to quit from site after some time.

    As per current policy - "No Adult content (porn/any kind of image) will be approved. Member should not post any such image. "
    all are following but i like suggest to add your comments in well language for images and at other places.

    Also as per Mahesh's thoughts it is really good idea to discuss and post more about Pune IPL team.

    For punespider to make it famous site we need more members and that could be happen only when we will have huge visitors. In any city people used to surf internet to get to know more about addresses and its route. I think if we could add maps in resource or business post then it will give us good visits.

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