Indian Politics

India is celebrating his freedom from more than 60 years. We all feel proud of our country. We are reaching the top in every field. Educational, Culture, IT, Science and technology, Indians are at the top every time.

But don't you think that we are at the top even in Corruption and literacy? We think that our politicians are responsible for this condition. But don't you think that we also are responsible for this situations? Ask yourself one question today. What I have done for my Country in my whole life. And I am sure that maximum peoples can't get the answer.

If politicians are demanding something it's just because of we peoples are giving them something for the work actually they have to do that. The main thing is to vote for the good candidate. If you don't find any illegible candidate than just give your vote to the candidate who will u think that at least try to do something new and good obviously.

If you have some Idea to share with us about the India, Indian Politics and corruption please share and spread here with others. Lets make our country the worlds number 1 country.

I love my India.