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    Marketing other sites is allowed?

    Hi Webmasters,

    Do members allowed to post the details about other site and marketing them?
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    Hello avi,

    I want to tell you that you can post the bookmark of any website its a kind of marketing.

    But if you write all the information related that topic and you can divert the traffic to that resource then you can earn good revenue from Google.

    As per my opinion mostly try to avoid outside links and use more internal links to your other resources.

    Sagar k.

    "Life is like a staircase.
    You have to go up each stair to reach the top"

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    You mentioned correctly but i am feeling insecurity that doing this could block some organization / companies. Companies block those sites by keywords like job, chat etc. So is it good ?

    My intention was to make bookmark in only bookmark section. I have seen some of members have advertising some sites in forums and could be in resources too. This way some day these pages will be blocked when above keywords appear in URL.

    There should be strict rule for members to avoid the things as we have section for each thing here.

    Previously also i have intimated webmaster about posting of abuse words in photos sections in there title. Hope webmaster will take good decision for all of us.

    I think bulk of members for site not important, Genuine followers posting good content are important.

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    Hi avi,
    Yes if someone got an very interesting website (knowledgeable) and he/she want to share that information then it is ok but the best thing to redirect your page is to move it to your bookmarks and provide that link.

    This same scenario will be applicable to the Resource section and these are some useful tips to impress an webmaster to earn more you are increasing traffic to the sites at the same time you can earn in your AdSense also.

    If any one gives direct link of that particular website then that resource will not be rewarded with good points and cash.

    And regarding to the Picture section I know webmaster will take care of that all things.

    Thanks for asking these question so we can share more tricks to earn.

    Sagar k.

    "Life is like a staircase.
    You have to go up each stair to reach the top"

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    Hi Sagar,

    It was good suggestion. Only thing i want to notify is that the links should be knowledgeable and not any promotional website like money making and referral. Thing is if one link is ignored then offcourse all the members will think that it is allowed so i raised this red flag to your attention.

    Solicit all the Editors and Webmasters cooperation. Thank you for your quick response to my queries.

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    Yes Avi I saw sometime this kind of links so don't worry we simply rejected those post which are not useful for our members.

    Keep Contributing

    BEST OF LUCK !!!

    Sagar k.

    "Life is like a staircase.
    You have to go up each stair to reach the top"

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