Health effects of HOOKAH

Hookah Health Effects

1. Hookah smokers inhale large volume of tobacco smoke in one smoking session than cigarette smokers.

2.It is believed that the water in the hookah bowl filters the nicotine of the tobacco. However, experts say that water in the hookah does not filter out the nicotine and other toxic ingredients.

3. The smoke produced from the tobacco of the hookah is an amalgam of tar, heavy metals, carbon monoxide, and other toxic compounds.

4. The most common health problem associated with hookah smoking is foul breath and yellowing of teeth.

5. Hookah smoke has different carcinogenic ingredients that can lead to oral cancer.

6. Long-term hookah smokers can suffer from troubled breathing that can lead to COPD.

7. Charcoal and wood cinders are being used to ignite the hookah producing large volume of carbon monoxide, a potential carcinogenic.

8. Hookah smoking can become addictive, which has its own health hazards including oral cancer, gum cancer, asthma, constricted airway leading to COPD, and other mental health problem.

9. Hookah smoking is done in leisure, often for hours, while reading paper or chatting with friends. As a result, hookah smokers end up inhaling large volume of tobacco smoke in each smoking session.

10. The hookah pipes might not be cleaned properly in the hookah bars and secondhand smoking can lead to spread of infectious diseases.