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    Ganesh Festival in Other way

    Hello All,
    I just wanted to ask you one question regarding Ganesh Festival.
    Do you really think that there is a need to spend millions of rupees on ganesh festival just for 12 days ?

    I know it is main festival for all over India, but we can make it simple instead of lighting and decoration etc.
    Instead of spending money on that why can't we donate it to orphan's home, It also some kind of God's work. And I know god will really like it.
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    Hello Manoj,
    This is really a great question but Indians are more religious than any other its not the thing that we never spend money for other things like old age homes or somewhere else.

    Sagar k.

    "Life is like a staircase.
    You have to go up each stair to reach the top"

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    Yes its true....... but we need to change now

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    Hi Manoj,

    Good question. Thing is if we follow things starting from us then only it will be implemented in society. Regarding Ganesh Festival we can do following things.

    1. Do not pay fund for Ganesh Mandal in your locality , simple reason is you are celebrating and worshiping Ganesh at home also.
    2. I will say purchase smallest idol of Ganesh for home.
    3. Govt. or local politicians should encourage people to start "one town - one Ganesh". This will reduce extra cost.

    The reason behind Ganesh Festival by Lokmanya Tilak was to have gathering of people from different parts and from different casts. In Puna , If you observe from day one people from different parts of Maharashtra comes to see different Ganesh Pandals. Well that is something good for gathering of people. But in that case Pandal owners should take care of unnecessary expenses.

    It is human nature that to spend more on our benefit than someone else. People of good wealth will only think of spending on social work.

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    These are very good concepts avi. I appreciated
    But the problem is Our political regional Leader are in the competition of showing power.
    So I don't think that they will ready for ONE TOWN - ONE GANESH

    Today itself I saw a news of Mumbai "LalBaugach Raja" Ganapati.
    They have counted 50 Lacks + Uncounted Jewelery on First day of Ganesh Festival. Just Imagine how much money will be collect ??
    50 * 12= 600 i.e 6 Cores + Uncounted Jewelery.

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