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    A Question for PuneSpider on Google Adsense Program

    I plan to create my own web site and expect to create a Google Adsense account directly to receive money from Google. I want to know the difference between the money earned using my Google Adsense account, if it is created through your web site Versus I create directly through Google (in order to earn through my own web site), lets say for the same Adverrisement? May be this is a question for Google. I din't know.

    I am an excellent writer and have excellent english language skills too. If that can create a revenue for me through your web site, pl. let me know. (Yes, I saw somewhere on ur site too "contact here" for excellent writing skills..

    Thanks for your attention and any respose.

    Queen Spider
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    Hello Beena
    You will be getting money directly from Google adsense irrespective of being created directly from your own site or creating from any of our site.

    As you mentioned you are an excellent writer, we provide much more extra benefits apart from adsense for good writers. I am webmaster of Punespider as well as few other sites. I have sent you chat request on gmail, so that we can discuss and can tell you how to proceed to get maximum benefits for your write ups.


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    Thanks for your answer Dr. Sanjeev.
    So, it is okay if I create my Google Adsense Account directly from Google,Punespider would still consider me for the Adsense revenue created (what ever percentage it is) because of the articles/postings that I do on Punespider?

    I remember reading a condition that the GAS Id need to be created "through" Punespider?!

    I am sorry, I don't see any "Rate the answer" tab/button anywhere on this page. But I will keep looking.


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