New School Bus Guidelines for Maharashtra


I would like parents and schools to discuss heavily on the school bus safety guidelines that the Maharashtra Government is trying to enforce strictly. I was at the RTO Office in Pune yesterday, the 26th of April, 2012 to find the latest on this issue. During the school year that just ended, there was so much confusion regarding the State's stand on enforcement of "School Bus Safety Guidelines" versus the Bus Contractors and there were several "strike days" where the my children's school just "closed down"!

I realized that the buses used by my children's school were seldom practicing these guidelines or fit in the descriptions on safety. And every year, the Bus Fees were being hiked at a tremendous rate! As a result, I started finding out about other alternatives, but at the same time, I wanted these options to be "safe" as per the Government prescribed "school bus safety guidelines".

I thought that I had a responsibility to find out authoritative information on the mandatory safety requirements and headed straight to the RTO Pune. I was not disappointed. I met a concerned section employee and this is what (read below) he had to tell me after handing me over a copy of the New school bus safety guidelines Booklet that has information, both in English and Marathi.

1) He appreciated me on my effort and interest in finding out what is true and valid in this matter and suggested that other parents and schools should show similar interest.

2) He told me that each school needs to set up a committee with members who are parents, bus contractors,Traffic Inspector of the area, Education Inspector and the Principal. They need to have meetings at least every 3 months to evaluate the validity of the licenses and discuss the issues etc. May be I need to pay the Education Dept also a visit to find out more on "School Bus Safety Guidelines"!

3) Any one who wants are welcome to visit the RTO Pune and obtain a copy of the rules/guidelines.

I could not find much information on the web regarding the latest on this, nor the parents I talked to had many clues. That is why I am posting this here, so parents will have a lead to follow. We could share what we know also.

I haven't gone through the the rule booklet completely yet. There are approx. 6 pages on the small booklet that is half the size of an A4 size paper.

I encourage all the Education community to discuss...

Regards, Queen Spider.