Majestic Hills of Pune

According to me as on today, Pune is the Greenest city of all metro cities in India. It is not a hill station, but it feels like one, because it houses many hills. They are nothing but chutes of the magnificent Sahyadri mountain ranges. This is a city with skirting tall mountains, multiple waterbodies, and a number of manmade parks and reservoirs. They make Pune one of the best place live in, and hills play a vital role in maintaining that status. Pondering on some facts about the hills of Pune which we did not know. This is an excerpt from my article titled Majestic hills of Pune City.

Punekars as we know, are passionate about preserving their culture, but they are also zealous about preserving environment and the hills. These hills are green caps of the city but they were not always green. Before 10 years, speedy encroachment, mining activity, and eroded soil made them look like waste lands. But Puneites decided to go from Victim to Active. With conscious and constant efforts for plantation, today the hills have been transformed. Over past 5-7 years, PMC and various citizen groups have taken great effort to reserve and maintain these hills, the manifolds of oxygen supply for the city. The prominent hills are Taljai hill, Hanuman tekdi, Vetal tekdi, Smrutivan, NDA hill, Chatushrungi, Parvati hill, Baner hill, Katraj hill, Durga tekdi, and Ramtekdi. They are situated within city, and play the role of large lungs for inhabitants of the city.

Share what you know about the hills of Pune, your participation in their conservation, and stories that will inspire others.