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    Share your Idea and Win Prize!!

    Dear Members,

    As we are in Test version of PuneSpider, we need to make it very nice. So that I am requesting to all registered members to share their ideas & thought about what you are expecting from

    Share your idea & Win Prize upto 100 Points.

    - Members those who will give BEST suggestion will be rewarded revenue points upto 100. We'll select more than one Winners, depends on the entries received.

    All the Best!
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    I think it is also similar to other Spider technology site with same look and content some new features can be introduced to make it different.
    Thanks & Regards

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    Yes, pawan we are very much similar to other spider technology websites.
    Also we can have some more new features to make it unique.

    Member's request and views are welcome.

    Atul Barapatre

    Atul Barapatre

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    Hi Mahesh,

    Thank you for your kind announcement. This is getting more impressions among us. Really very happy to work with punespider. Thank you.

    With Regards,
    Gold Member - PuneSpider

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    This is great beginning to provide such a site for pune-ites.
    But I think there are lots of sites running for the purpose in pune we have to increase the responses and post quality content in terms of Travel and hospitality so as to increase number of users.

    Amit Siwach

    Amit Siwach

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    This is really a great beginning for the site. Will encourage members to suggest great suggestions for the site.

    Thanks & Regards,

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    Hello Mahesh,
    I think there should be more options in Forum. It should be more diversified.

    Can we have space for important news updates and sports updates (especially cricket)??

    Also I think the poll (one at a time) should be displayed on the web page. Thus we will not have to navigate away from the main page to the poll section. Also this will increase the number of voters.

    And lastly the web page layout should be modified to make it a different look.

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    Hi,Mahesh,here are my ideas:
    1. The Resource section should have a category for Festivals & Cultural Programs.

    2. The Admissions category is limited to only engineering, medical and management. Why not include 'Others' category so that members can add in admissions to other courses such as catering, fashion designing, etc.

    3. In the Events category the calendar provided is only for the opening date. If some event covers 2-3 days or even a week or a month (such as food festivals organsed by 5-star Hotels), this information is not conveyed at all. So suppose a visitor to the Events section sees the date 2nd October only, that visitor will think the event was for a day and not bother to click on it. It is better, therefore, to have a closing calendar too. That way we are providing complete information.

    4. Please add Medical/Health category in the Jobs section.

    5. In the photos section the title is 'strange,funny, heartbreaking photos'. Why not just put 'amazing photos' so that covers general photos of the city too? All photos are not necessarily funny,strange or heartbreaking.


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    can we have blogging option in this site..?

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    I think first of all Chat system should be enabled so that local people can chat here.
    Thanks & Regards

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    I think first of all chat system should be enabled so that local people can chat with facility of chating in local language.
    Thanks & Regards

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    i think it is of great idea to increase your knowledge level as well as your bank balance with the help of these websites like you we should all admire these websites

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    there should be ideas how to ean=rn money differnt ideas
    ther should be allowed 2 communties and 2 polls can be created in a day

    and there should be appitude and knowledge tests every week

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    meke differnt content then isc.

    try differnt like make differnt chat rooms

    differnt contests should be help every month

    give tips to earn

    there should be events that can remove cultures and state boundaries between peoples.

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    We need to add some places in Pune which are not listed yet. For example Bund Garden is not there in the list.


    Editor -

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    Hi Mahesh,

    Thank you for your such kind of announcement.I am really very happy to work with punespider.

    My suggestions are different type we can introduced a quiz contests, writing blogs, and give rewarded revenue points up to to the member for accessing this site (i.e. more accessing site, give more benefits. For Example every login member can get some rewarded points, every viewing pages member can get some rewarded points etc).

    Thank you.

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