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    Complete the story !!

    lets play a game!!

    we all will complete a story.each person can post only 4 sentences and the next one has to carry with the remaining part of the story.
    each can post only 4 sentences.

    lets try to make a nice story
    so me starting.

    once upon a time there was a king.
    who was very kind to his people.
    he had two queens.
    but he had no inheritance.
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    Hi Suhel,

    Nice idea buddy !

    I got another point+idea which I will implement very soon for specially for forum. All the best.

    With Regards,
    - Mahesh
    Webmaster -

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    He was worried about his country.
    So he decided to adopt a young boy.
    He want his successor to be kind and talented.
    He should be capable of making the country strong and prosperous.


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    as days went the small boy had grown up!
    the young prince was handsome and smart.
    he was sent to the ashramas to get his education.
    not only in education..he got his mastery in fighting techniques also!!

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    He came back to palace after completion of education.
    Preparations were made in the country to make him King.
    But at the last moment there was a suggestion from RajaGuru.
    King decided to give him an adventurous task to be completed in 1 MONTH


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    RajaGuru told the young Prince to go to Pune City.
    Prince Veerbahadur had to disguise himself as a common citizen.
    He would then have to earn money all by himself.
    He had to earn that money only through honest means.


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    the young prince was a t a loss what to do.
    he never ever had earned a single penny before.
    but obeying the order of his parent-he started his adventure.
    with little food,water in his bag,he walked out of the palace next morning!

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    my story stopped over here :(
    please keep this forum alive !!

    it was a mid summer day time!
    the road was dusty and was not fine!
    the prince of ours walked for long!
    and finally rested below a tree!

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    he worried about her kingdom who will take care of his kingdom after his death. he wants that the next king will be who that is most reponsible and intelligent,kind person in his kingdom .so he changed his dress and started going to kingdom in search of that person.

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