What are the Tags and Keywords?

  • Tags are the collection of lots of informations which determine simply short descriptions for a subject.

  • Tags are lie keywords, or a label for a category. Our website, PuneSpider.com is categorised the various informations under the Tags to make it easy for the users and members to find whatever you want.

  • For a website, a Tag works like an Index of perticular information. A Tag can be a Head of description and to know more about subjects related to site content.

  • A Search Engine always find for a tags from a website to render site in Top order. If most keywords matches, site get high rank in search engine results. You can give good tags to your resources to get good traffic from search engine. For example - If your resource is about MBA Admission in Pune University, then give tags list as below -
    pune university admission, pune MBA admission, MBA in Pune, MBA pune university.

  • Two tags must be seperated by commas