Matheran - The Only Eco Sensitive region of Maharashtra

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Matheran is the only Eco Sensitive region in Maharashtra state. Matheran is an important pollution free town and hill resort near Pune which is at an elevation of around 800m (2,625 ft) above sea level. In this article I have given some information about this Pollution free Hill resort near Pune.

Located at a height of 803 meters above the sea level, Matheran is the most splendid Hill Station in Maharashtra.

About Matheran - Eco sensitive region of Maharashtra state

Matheran is a hill resort located in the Raigad district of Maharashtra. Matheran is the smallest Hill Station in India. Matheran is located in western ghats at an elevation of around 800 meters above sea level. Matheran is around 120 Kms. from Pune and 90 Kms. from Mumbai. The meaning of the word 'Matheran' is "forest on top". The lush green land scapes and attracts lot of tourists every year to this pollution free hill resort.

Matheran is declared as eco-sensitive region by the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India. Matheran is one of the places in the world where vehicles are not allowed. Matheran covers an area of 8 square kilometers in Sahyadris.

Matheran was discovered by Hugh Poyntz Malet in year 1850. He was the collector of Thane district at that time. Matheran is a unique hill station which is liked by picnic lovers, trekkers as well as jungle lovers.

Matheran hill resort is famous for the train, which runs between Neral and Matheran. This is a small train which covers a distance of 21 Kms. The journey time is around 2 to 2.5 hours between these two places. The train journey is really enjoyable. The train passes through the deep forests.

Matheran - The Pollution Free Town in Maharashtra

Matheran is a pollution free town because no vehicles are allowed in this town. You have to either walk to this place or use Horses to travel to Matheran. As there are no vehicles at Matheran, Matheran is a peaceful and quite place. The roads at Matheran are not tarred but made of red mud. The only mode of transport at Matheran is on horse back, or by man-pulled rickshaw or by foot. Matheran is one of the most popular hill resort and get away for people of Pune and Mumbai cities. The foundations for the development of Matheran was laid down by Lord Elphinstone, who was the Governor of Mumbai at that time. He only introduced the Toy train.

We can see a lot of look out points at Matheran which provide us with spectaculr views of the surrounding hills and valleys. We can see a dense forest at Matheran. You can see around 38 designated points in Matheran, which includes Panorama Point which provides a 360 degree view of the surrounding area. The view of sun rise and sun set will be excellent. Another point called as Louisa Point gives a clear view of the Prabal Fort. The other points of interest at Matheran are One Tree Hill Point, Hart Point, Monkey Point, Porcupine Point etc.

Weather and Best Time to visit Matheran

The Climate at Matheran is generally cooler due to its high altitude and good vegetation. This cool climate makes Matheran a popular holiday resort for the tourists even during the summers. Let us see the climates during different seasons at Matheran.

Summer Season at Matheran:
The Summer at Matheran is generally cool. The summer season lasts from March to the end of June. The weather is cooler compared to other cities in Maharashtra. The maximum temperature at Matheran can go upto 32 deg. celcius during summers. The summer at Matheran is very pleasant for outing and sight seeing. The tourists from the cities of Pune and Mumbai visit Matheran even in Summer season to escape the heat in these cities. Due to the water falls, mountain breezes that blow through the thick forests at Matheran makes the summer mild and pleasant.

Winter season at Matheran:
The winter season at Matheran lasts from December to February. The winter at Matheran is generally cool with temperatures lying above 16°C in all the days. This temperature is very good for all the tourist activities. Like the Summer season, the winters at Matheran escape the extremes of nature. The temperature during winter at Matheran drops to around 16°C. The weather at Matheran during winter is very pleasant with little cold evenings. The day time is little warmer.

Monsoon Season at Matheran:
The Monsoon season at Matheran lasts from June to September. We can see heavy showers of rains during monsoon at Matheran, and the tourists generally avoid visiting Matheran during this season. But it is very beautiful to be in rains and if you want to enjoy rains, you can think of visiting Matheran during this season. With the arrival of Monsoons, the walking trails become muddy, and it is difficult to walk. The monsoon showers come in the form of heavy rainfalls and thunderstorms. A trip to Matheran should be generally avoided during the monsoon season.

The best time to visit Matheran is through out the year. But September to June is very pleasant, cool and is very suitable for sight seeing at Matheran. If the tourist wants to enjoy rains, he can plan a visit to Matheran during July and August months. Ganesh Chaturthi festival celebrations are done during September in Matheran. It is a grand festival which is celebrated at Matheran with great vigour and show. Many of the tourists visit Matheran during this festival season.

Best accommodation and the Hotels & Resorts at Matheran Hill Resort

A number of Hotels are available at Matheran to suit the requirements of the tourists of various budgets. Even though Matheran is a small hill station, there are numerous types of Hotels at Matheran. The Hotels at Matheran range from Five Star Luxury Hotels to Government approved budget hotels. Matheran is a real sought-after place of tourists, and has a number of hotels in different varieties. Various hotels which keep budget requirements of the tourists, serve their guests with great hospitality have come up at Matheran.

We can see hotels comprising of heritage Resorts, Luxury Hotels, budget Hotels and Economy Hotels.
All these types of hotels have well furnished rooms with good dining facilities. Let us see some of the popular hotels and resorts at Matheran.

  • Hotel Brightland Resorts: Brightland Resorts is a 3-star hotel which is located close to Matheran Railway Station and the market bus stand. Hotel brightland Resorts provides excellent conference facility with the latest equipments. Lot of entertainment options like live music, lazer movies, magic shows etc. are also provided at this hotel. Hotel Brightland Resorts provides excellent accommodation. The accommodation at Brightlands Resorts is divided into Standard Rooms, Deluxe Rooms and A/C Deluxe rooms. All these rooms are provided with Color TV, Direct dialing telephone and mini fridges.

  • Hotel Royal: Hotel Royal is one of the best economy hotels in Matheran. Hotel Royal provides outstanding service and comfortable rooms. Hotel Royal also has won several awards. Hotel Royal offers the tourists the best and affordable accommodation with good hospitality. Hotel Royal has 60 luxurious rooms. These rooms provide great comfort and homely atmosphere to the tourists through modern amenities. Some of the amenities provided in these rooms are TV, Refrigerator, Phone, Dressing mirrors, Night lamps etc.

  • Hotel Lords Central: Lords Central Hotel is a heritage hotel located about 5 minutes drive from market area. Lords Central Hotel at Matheran is a heritage resort which was earlier a bungalow of an English man.

    Lords Central Hotel has 4 bungalows with 23 guest rooms with a beautiful garden. All the rooms at Hotel Lords Central are equipped with Color TV, Telephone, cup boards, dressing room, hot and cold shower in bathrooms. Services like Swimming Pool, Restaurant, Tennis, Chess, Children’s Play Area, Badminton, Safe Deposit Box, 24 hrs H/C running water, Front Desk, Doctor on Demand, Laundry Service, Room Service are provided at Hotel Lords Central at Matheran.

  • Matheran Tourist Attractions:

    Matheran is a tiny hill station and is one of the most beautiful hill stations in India. The main tourist attractions at Matheran are 38 in number. The list of some of these major look out points are given below:

    Echo Point: This is an important point at Matheran that offers a panoramic view of the whole place. As the name suggests, Echo point is a place which allows you to enjoy your echoes.
    This has made the place very popular amongst locals as well as tourists.

    Charlotte Lake: The Charlotte Lake is the main source of water supply for Matheran and a major point of the place. This lake is situated at a distance of 1 km from the main market.

    Louisa Point: This famous lookout point at Matheran offers a spectacular view of the ruined forts of Prabal and Vishalgarh. A Rock which looks like a Lion's head is called as "Lion's head" is located closed to this point.

    Alexander Point: The Alexander point is a famous point at Matheran located at a distance of 1 Km. from Matheran. This point provides great views of the Chowk valley and the Ulhas river.

    King George Point: We can see the wter from the Charlotte Lake overflowing during the monsoons and forming water falls around this place. This is a point that captures these water falls and is a popular point during the monsoon season.

    Sunset/Porcupine Point: This point is located at a distance of 4 Kms. from main market of Matheran and is famous for its views of setting sun. We can also see a beautiful view of the dark forests below. Prabal gad can also be seen from this point.

    Monkey Point: The Monkey point is a well known point, which is famous for a large number of mischievous monkeys. The point also offers a mesmerizing view of the verdant plains below.

    There are many other important points at Matheran.

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